Linn-BentonCommunity College

2018 Livestock Judging Clinic

July 2nd & July 3rd 

At the James E. Oldfield Animal TeachingFacility, OSU Campus

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It has been a tradition at LBCC toorganize and manage a summer livestock judging clinic.  We do so as wefeel passionate about the livestock judging program and the long-term benefitsthat students gain from participating in this activity.  It is our goal tointroduce more students to this program and help those students who alreadyhave an interest develop their skills. 

 This year’s clinic will focus onthe importance of oral reasons and the necessary classroom time to establish aneffective foundation.  We will meet at the OSU James E. Oldfield AnimalTeaching Facility on Monday, July 2nd and will rotate throughtwo sessions where time will be spent formatting competitive oralreasons.  Monday afternoon and Tuesday will feature live animal evaluationwith a focus on current industry standards.  Linn-Benton Community Collegewill provide lunch for participants on Tuesday.


Content:    Discussionson industry trends (market & breeding) in beef, sheep, goats andswine.  Utilizing EPD’s and alternative performance measures in animalselection for all species and the effective use of contemporary terminology andorganization and delivery of competitive oral reasons.

 Cost:          $50.00per person (youth and adults) INCLUDES: Classroom instruction,hands on evaluation experience, progressive terminology, and sample reasonsfrom past and current LBCC Livestock Judging Team members, plus lunch onTuesday.

 Note:          Please complete the pre-registration and send payment (or call)by

Friday, June 15th.

 Time&      Sign-ups will be from 12:00 pm to 1pm at the new James E. Oldfield Animal

Place:         Teaching Facility atthe intersection of Campus Way and 35th Street on the Oregon StateUniversity Campus, Corvallis, OR.


Ifyou have any questions or require more information about content, schedule,

directions,etc.  Please call Clayton Weber at (541) 917-4768 or e-mail at


Pre-Registrationand payment is due by Friday, June 15th


Sendto:                Linn-Benton Community College

                             Attn: Clayton Weber

                             6500 Pacific Blvd

                             Albany, OR 97321


Pleasemake your $50.00 check payable to:


                      “LBCC Livestock Judging Team”


Pleasefill out the LBCC Registration Request Form. The form can be found bysimply typing “registration request form” into the search bar on the LBCC homepage. If you have received this information by email, I have attached afillable form.


Fillout the form as completely as possible (without SS#).  See attached form.





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LBCC Livestock JudgingClinic




Monday,July 2nd


                             *Please eat lunch before you register*

Noon-1:00        Register at the James E. Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility

1:00-1:15         Welcome and introductions

1:15-1:30         Split into groups based on level of experience

1:30-2:30         Classroom Instruction

2:30-6:00         Live animal evaluation and oral reasons practice





Tuesday, July 3rd


9:00-9:15                 Meet at theJames E. Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility

9:15-12:00        Live animal evaluation and oral reasons practice 

12:00-1:00        Lunch- LBCC will provide food & drinks

1:00-4:30         Live animal evaluation and oral reasons practice


ThankYouand travel safely!!!

2018 Junior Livestock Show List

This list was compiled by our office from sources online and is not exhaustive. 
It is a courtesy for informational purposes only, we will not be responsible for any misinformation.
By using this list, you agree to research all information before signing up for any show.

PEDv Information

  • Complete PEDv Information from the National Pork Board

  • Please Also See:

    National Pork Board Website

    Youth Auction Committee Wants YOU!!!!!!

    As most of you are aware, the auction committee has taken on some major changes this year. One of those is an addition of the youth auction committee. We have two members so far. Participants can be livestock members, horse members, static exhibit members, or anyone who is interested in helping out with auction duties at the fair and before. Not only do we utilize your input and ideas, we also have several important jobs that will be best filled by youth in our program; runners, ushers, refreshments, proof-reading, promotion and much more. It will only be successful if you step up, and demonstrate your interest in making the auction something very special. . . . . . . . . . . Contact Karissa Dishon (541)548-6088

    2018 Exhibitor's Handbook

    2018 Carcass Contest

    Livestock Judging Calculator App for your iPhone

    4-H Livestock Information Tracking app for your iPhone

    Lease Agreement Form

    Complete PEDv Information from the National Pork Board

    PEDv Swine Exhibition Risk Assessment Guide

    Market Fair Weights ~

    Beef ~ 1,100 -1,450 lbs

    Goats ~ 75 - 105 lbs

    Sheep ~ 110 - 150 lbs

    Swine ~ 230 - 290 lbs - Must have1/2 inch of hair


    Click on Country of Origin to download this form.

    --------- Calendar ---------

    Tue, Jun-19-18
    Auction Committee Meeting
    Mt. View Ag Room

    Wed, Jun-20-18
    Gaming Clinic
    Sagebrush Arena

    Wed, Jun-20-18
    Summer Conference OSU

    Thu, Jun-21-18
    Redmond Record Book Check
    North Sister
    4-7 pm

    Tue, Jun-26-18
    Youth Leadership Team
    Extension Office

    Thu, Jun-28-18
    Fair Entry Deadline
    Extension Office

    Tue, Jul-10-18
    Advisory Meeting
    North Sister

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    --------- Minutes ---------