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They can establish relationship with the customers through web and essay on hospitality services internally the staff and departments can establish connection with each other through cloud software. In cloud software all the information is stored within the internal software or the system of the company.

The repairing and setting up of the equipments was also their responsibility and they have dealt with such problems in an essay on hospitality services appropriate way. They transfer the requests to their supervisor and get the solution for the same with mediate effect (Besterfield,) 2004).

It helps in doing the easy interaction and most importantly the decision making could essay on hospitality services also become proper. The front office or any other department could get in touch with any department.assignment 3: Introduction: The hospitality industry also focuses on variety of troubles in operations and managing their functionality. The day to day operations of the hospitality industry remains very much complex essay on hospitality services due to the large operational activities and functions.

Current service delivering process within the hotels was quiet collaborative and smooth. The housekeeping staff remains in touch with front office and their supervisors. It raises the quality standards best hamlet essays very high and the experience level of the guests was also quite satisfactory.

Thus it helps in improving the quality of services and gives them the leading edge to become the innovative hospitality sector ventures. However the nature of services at both the places was different but PMS allows them to focus on improved service qualities and manages.

Discussion The property management system is also known as hotel operating system. The major use of property management system (PMS) is that it allows the organizations within the hospitality industry to focus upon the handling of their property, assets, and equipments and most importantly the.

The room allocation is the major task for the hotels. It is their major product which must be dealt in an appropriate manner. The room allocation must be done in painstaking manner as it also brings the revenue within the hotel. Other than room allocation.

Revenue management system, these are sub heads which come under the IT ecosystem of hotel. It has various sections mentioned into the software essay on hospitality services under the different labels (Zhou,) reservation system etc. 2004). The property management system is also one of personal level the housekeeping staff was aware essay on hospitality services of the requirements and demands of the guests and visited people. The housekeeping supervisor was actually very much focused towards the quality of the services.

2006). It also enables to identify the revenue and essay on hospitality services accordingly the decisions could be taken. The payments need to be settled so that the expenses and income differences could be identified (Tensone,)

Further the major consideration has been given to provide the clean bed sheets as well. Most importantly in Palace of Agra the whole decoration was done as per the theme and it give addition to our presentation (Krakel, 2007). These kinds of services are always.

The major use of this software for both the service providers is that communication gap is not available within the department in both the places. The service was good as the information dissemination process was very smooth. The software was updated on the regular basis.

Availability of the rooms etc. Virtual tour of the rooms, for the same purpose both the ventures essay on hospitality services have their information related to room pricing,it is to acknowledge that the comfort and essay on hospitality services luxury is the result of best and quality housekeeping services. The housekeeping services from both the ventures were effective and quiet appreciable.


Further the innovative and unique services include the variety of food and interesting room services like surprising gifts to the guests which were the part essay on hospitality services of hospitality.(.)) : 162.,,,,,.

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